Retreat Overview

JANUARY 6, 2019
12 - 4pm
at Surya Yoga
Downtown Hoboken
79 Hudson Street, 103LL

There is no better time of year to give yourself the gift of slowing down and rejuvenating in the power of silence. Silence and love are the roots of our true nature but in today’s overwhelming culture filled with stimuli and challenges, we move further and further from being in tune with our true inner knowing. When we embrace silence and rest, our conditioning naturally dissolves and we see that when we rest in silence we can move into challenges of everyday life with a sense of ease and well-being.

In this silence, we can listen to our inner wisdom as we move into the new year and set our desires and intentions.

Retreat Details

Realign with who you are in silent space. Through periods of silence, guided and silent meditations, relaxation, and being in a community of like-minded people, we learn that deep self-discovery arises out of a place of presence and self-love. It is important for our overall well-being to nurture ourselves, without guilt.

Our experience will include:

  • A calm space filled with compassion and devotion

  • Silence – time to unplug from electronics, phones, etc.

  • Inspiring “sacred stations” with readings, activities, and contemplations to help you reconnect to your true self and to discover how the power of silence can help to gain clarity and focus. (All are optional)

  • Healthy snacks and refreshments

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